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“New Fangled” Majors

When parents of my current students attended college, there were typically one to two dozen majors to choose from. And they were very basic: English, Philosophy, Economics, Political Science, Spanish, History, etc. Today, students are frequently asked what they plan on majoring in, on their college applications and the array of majors has exploded. In some cases, students have 100-plus majors to choose from.

Take a look at some of these options, pretty fascinating stuff:

Homeland Security/Cybersecurity – as our world gets smaller through technology and the risks of terrorism are increasing there is an ever-growing need for professionals to maintain the safety and security of our society. Students who major in this will be taking classes in criminal justice, infrastructure management, emergency management, digital forensics, ethical hacking, computer science, cryptography, and cybersecurity technology. This major has been growing in popularity, especially due to television shows like “CSI” – Crime Scene Investigations. Job opportunities are plentiful.

Golf Management – What about an option to take something like golf that a student is passionate about and turning it into a career? Golf Management students take a variety of courses in different disciplines, including Sport Management, Business and specified topics such as Golf Facility Management, and Teaching/Coaching Golf.


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